License to Sell - Reversible Box Tote


License to Sell - Reversible Box Tote


A Very Shannon License To Sell is a limited commercial license that allows one person to make and sell handmade items using a specific Very Shannon Sewing Pattern.

*This DOES NOT include the Reversible Box Tote Sewing Pattern. You must buy that seperately.

If you purchase a license and you have a home sewing business, you are entitled to sell garments made using the pattern for profit. The license is good for as many garments as you the purchaser can personally make and does not need to be renewed. Factory or mass production is strictly prohibited.

Purchase of a license DOES NOT entitle the purchaser to sell, copy, or distribute the pattern itself. You also have 24 hours after purchase to request a refund if the terms of the license are not to your liking.

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I ask sellers to follow a few specific guidelines which include giving appropriate design credit, registering your shop, and purchasing additional licenses for each person in your shop who will be sewing the items. There are also some addition guidelines on what the license purchaser may or may not do.

You DO NOT need a license to do the following:

- make the Reversible Box Tote for gifts.

- make the Reversible Box Tote for personal uses.

If you would like to make the Reversible Box Tote for a class or workshop or for charity purposes or have questions please email me at and with your information and I'd be happy to discuss that with you.

We keep a page of Licensed Sellers for customers looking to purchase ready made items. You can find that page here -