Veronika Cardigan by Shannon Cook of #veronikacardi


Modifications & Measurements

Are you looking to make some small adjustments to Veronika to fit your frame? We've put together this handy page for you to give you some guidelines on how to easily modify Veronika for things like length and width. Please note that you will need to have purchased the pattern to make these adjustments - you can purchase Veronika HERE.

Veronika is a unique shape! She hangs longer in the back than in the front and this cardigan features a lot of positive ease. At first she may feel slightly different when you put her on but don't worry - once you get it the first time you won't want to take it off! It takes a few adjustments to find the "sweet spot" on each frame so take your time, place it on your shoulders, let it hang loose down the back and make sure your armholes are even. The neckline, where your inside collar edge is, should sit along your high nape with your shawl collar folded over most of the way down along the inside front edges. You can see pics below of how to put on Veronika below and there are also a ton more photos of Veronika in our blog post HERE. For reference our lovely model Jasmine, is wearing the Size 1 and is 5'5.

You will also find some handy tips on how to style Veronika and choose your size below! I hope you find the information helpful. If still require pattern support please email Shannon at 

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Veronika Cardigan by Shannon Cook of #veronikacardi


If you would like to modify the length of Veronika to suit your height, you will need to follow these steps:

First, decide on how much length you would like to increase/decrease with reference to the pattern schematic, most importantly measurement “B”. Then, using your gauge, calculate how many rows and how many stitches are needed to achieve the length you are adding/subtracting. Round the number of rows to the nearest multiple of 4. 

You will be making the front longer/shorter in 4-row repeat increments. Work the pattern as written up to the COLLAR SHAPING (INCREASES) section. Before you begin the COLLAR SHAPING (INCREASES) section, refer to the the stitch counts at the end of the section, right before the Back Cast-On. Based on your calculation from gauge above, you will add/subtract one stitch to/from this stitch count for each 4-row repeat you are adding/removing. 

Please note, if you are shortening the length, I recommend taking out no more than 6 repeats maximum or you may end up with a funny looking shape. Please also note that if you shorten the length, you will also be losing collar size here since removing 4-row repeats will also remove increase rows. 

Now that you have adjusted the number of repeats worked in the COLLAR SHAPING (INCREASES) section, you need to match this adjustment in the number of stitches you cast on for the back. You don’t want one armhole edge longer/shorter than the other. Using the stitch count you calculated from gauge for the length you added/subtracted above, add/subtract this many stitches to/from the Back Cast-On stitch count given. Continue working the pattern as written until you reach the Back Bind-Off.

Please note that the stitch counts and measurements indicated in the pattern will not always apply to your newly adjusted size.

At the Back Bind-Off, be sure to bind off the same number of stitches that you cast on for the Back Cast-On earlier. Work the pattern as written adjusting the number of 4-row repeats for the left front in the COLLAR SHAPING (DECREASES) section as you did for the right front in the COLLAR SHAPING (INCREASES) section. You should end with the stitch counts given right before the WORK EVEN #2 section. Work the remainder of the pattern as written.

Veronika Cardigan by Shannon Cook of #veronikacardi


If you would like to reduce or add width to Veronika, you will be making adjustments to the back only. Please take this into consideration when you are working out how much/or how little you'd like to adjust. This cardi is meant to have a huge amount of ease. If you remove too much your cardi will not fit/hang correctly on your frame. 

Please note that adjusting the back section is the easiest and simplest way to remove/add width to your cardigan. You can also adjust the front sections of your cardi but that involves a lot more math and changes to the written pattern etc. For the sake of simplicity I would hope that only a few inches are needed here and there and most ease is in the back section. Please also note that this adjustment will also affect the front length of your garment as well. 

To adjust for width modifications work Veronika as normal until you reach the Back Cast-On. At this point it is very important that you begin documenting how many rows you work. Work the pattern as written until the WORK EVEN #1 section. Once at this section, decide how much width you would like to reduce/add. Use your row gauge to calculate how many rows you will need to remove/add to reduce/add the desired width to your cardigan.

After making this calculation, round the number of rows to the nearest multiple of 4. This ensures that you will start/end on the same row in the 4-row pattern repeat as given in the instructions. Work this section based on your new calculations. Continue to count the number of rows you work until the Back Bind-Off, and then continue to work Veronika as written. 

Due to this adjustment in width the number of stitches being picked up for your back section rib will be different than the number given in the pattern. Instead of the number listed in the pattern, you will instead be picking up half the number of rows you documented. Follow the instructions in the pattern on how to pick up these stitches.

Veronika Cardigan by Shannon Cook of #veronikacardi


When choosing your size for Veronika you want to pick the size closest to your full bust measurement (the full circumference around the widest part of your bust). If you are in between sizes we suggest looking at the Pattern Schematic below and basing your decision off of how much ease you would like overall. The letter "B" will be a helpful measurement. Please note that you want a ton of positive ease in this sweater and if you choose too small a size you won't get that lovely drape to your cardigan.


You can see all the finished measurements for Veronika in the Pattern Schematic below. 

Instructions for assembly and more are included in the pattern instructions.

Veronika Schematic
Veronika Cardigan by Shannon Cook of #veronikacardi


A good general rule of thumb with this style of garment is to wear a slimmer silhouette on your bottom half. Think skinny jeans, leggings, tapered pants etc. 

Veronika is meant to be worn open but she's also super cute when styled with a fabulous shawl pin or your fave Jul closures (we LOVE these ones). More of a belt person? We suggest putting the belt on underneath the cardigan and then bringing the ends through your armholes and then closing the belt overtop the front of the cardigan! So pretty!

Whatever your preference we hope you will enjoy this comfy and stylish cardi! I've hardly taken mine off! 


The term "wearable blanket" may come to mind with Veronika but she is definitely more than that! Once you get her on she's both stylish yet relaxed and definitely not a blanket!

There's multiple ways to style this cardigan to both look and feel great and it's so comfortable it's like you're at home curled up in your fave blanket or robe! Can't go wrong with that in my

The back of Veronika is meant to be worn lower than the front. It should drape down. You'll know when you have it on right because it will "feel" right. If you're fidgeting and adjusting and just not getting that comfy feel it's due to the cardigan not draping long enough in the back. Each frame is different so putting it on the first time is always the most special. When you find that sweet spot on your shoulders with the length just right, you'll see your armhole hangs evenly and your collar sits nicely on your neck. 

Pair with your fave bottom and a cute tee and prepare to get asked "where did you get your sweater?" to which you can proudly reply "I made it". Best. Feeling. Ever.

Veronika Cardigan by Shannon Cook of #veronikacardi


Thank you for all of your support on this pattern and I hope you enjoy knitting and wearing Veronika as much as I do! I can't wait to see your cardigans! xoxoxo