Downton Abbey Knit Along

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||  WHEN  ||
- january 9th to february 6th 2013 (prizes will be announced the following week)

||  HOW TO SIGN UP  ||
- simply enter your name in this doc by clicking on the link below to be eligible for prizes.
*you must be entered & have started a project to be eligible for the giveaway at the end of the knit along.

||  DETAILS  ||
- you can KNIT OR CROCHET ANY PATTERN OF YOUR LIKING that has a "downton abbey-esque" vibe to it.  for example:  shawls, wraps, hats, gloves, mitts, feminine cardigans etc.
- you don't need to finish your project (though we love it if you do) to be eligible for the giveaway but you do need to start.  we really want to encourage people to knit together and form a sense of community and online friendships.
- the KAL will start in line with the american premiere dates of downton abbey which is january 6th 2013.  in canada check your local listings for PBS airing these as well.  if you are in the UK or are naughty like me you will have already seen most of season 3 :)
- there will be a topic thread on ravelry here that you can chat away about your projects, discuss downton abbey, share patterns and more.  have fun with it!  i can't wait to start!
- you will also find all the posts and info about the downton abbey knit along on it's blog page here.  you can find all of our previous kal's listed here as well.
- if you're not on ravelry feel free to share your pics and chat in the comments.  i love when you guys comment on the blog and it's also a fun place to have convos and share your blog posts as well.

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