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hi there and thanks so much for your interest in advertising with luvinthemommyhood! if you think your lovely business, shop, blog or product would be a great fit for the mommyhood, please send an email to luvinthemommyhood@yahoo.ca with your business and contact information. i'd be more than happy to provide you with our rates and the sponsorship opportunities available to suit your needs.

we know times are tough right now and the mommyhood is offering competitive and reasonable rates to showcase your business to a large number of moms & crafters worldwide on a fast-paced growing blog! we also offer special 3 month /6 month /12 month rates as well as options to do giveaways. who knows, we may even barter and trade services with you!

so don't delay - contact the mommyhood today (sorry, couldn't resist the rhyme)! spaces are limited and we are only offering room for a few ads on the site that are businesses we believe in and are proud to promote. this is a great way to make sure your business will be showcased. if you would like to see blog statistics and numbers just ask :)

to learn more about me and the mommyhood click here. we look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to the neighbourhood!

a big thank you to our current sponsors - they are fantastic & you should check them out!!