One day to the next

I decided on Friday to surprise Jeremy with a nice dinner.
I rushed around with the babe getting things ready. Candles lit, wine out, dinner cooking, salad chopped.....and then even got both of us dressed up. It was around 5:40 when I was all done and ready for him to get home. We waited....and waited.....and waited......where was he? It was now 6:05. Jeremy is not usually late and if he is he calls.
I started to worry, I am a WUSSUS. I worst case scenario everything. My mind started racing thinking he was mugged or worse. Mackenzie started to get fussy. Just when I start to panic, she decides to spit up all over both of us. Our outfits are ruined...hahaha. I decide it's not meant. I change us both back into our normal clothes and pray at least dinner isn't ruined yet. I try calling Jeremy on his cell a few times, no answer. He always answers. I am now really panicking. It's 6:15. I finally sit down and try to calm down. Just then the phone rings. As I am about to pick it up, it hits me! It's FRIGGIN FRIDAY!!!!! Jeremy works late on Fridays and doesn't even get home till 6:45!!!! OMG!!!!
I have finally lost complete track of the days of the week. Needless to say, I laughed at myself for the rest of the night.