Lansinoh's on the loose

I failed again at my domestic efforts. LOL.
Thinking I was doing a wonderful job I have had another set back.
Doing laundry on the weekend proved to be a bit of mystery solver for us.
I put in my normal super size, squeeze in as much as you can, who cares if the colors match or not load of wash and waited for it to finish. I nicely asked Jeremy to put the load of wash in the dryer for me. Big mistake. It seems as though something got in the wash. A strange, thick, gel like substance had covered all of his polo shirts and the rest of the wash. What the heck is this stuff? We washed the load again.
Still, the gel was there. Did I ruin all the laundry? Great, now I was going to have to iron again! I ruined all of his polo shirts! I decided to investigate further. I tore apart the laundry piece by piece. And you know what I found? My ol pal the breast pad! Her and her friend had snuck in undercover in my bra for a joyride in the laundry machine. Little did they know that water and that magic substance that magically sucks up all my boob milk leakage don't mix. The stuff was everywhere.
I fished what was left of my lansinoh's out and washed the load again. I saved the wash.
But to all you breast pad wearers, watch out for the lansinoh's, they are sneaky little suckers.