Family, yippee!

We are excited to get show Mackenzie off to all the family this fall.

We started off with Terry & Roger, and Grandma being here.

Tonight Grandpa (Buvyer) and Tama will be here to visit. We are excited for them to see Mack as he hasn't seen her since she was a few days old. Then this weekend Great Nana & Papa will be here with my Auntie Cheryl to visit.

After that we are hoping to have Auntie Miranda and Auntie Camille come over from the Island. We are going to try to see Grandma and Grandpa on Quadra Island in October. Then in November we may be making a trip to Victoria for Auntie Camille's graduation from UVIC and to visit with all the family/friends living in Victoria.

Finally, it will be December and we cannot wait to get home to Kitimat to see all of our family and friends for Mackenzie's First Christmas!