curry, curry

i decided to satisfy a month long craving and made some curry.

i am not sure why i was dying for some curry lately, but i was.

i have been cooking alot of new recipes lately now that jer is coming home at a reasonable hour from work and i'm not just feeding myself. i am feeling a bit more confident with my cooking abilities now that i have tried enough new recipes over the last few months and felt that it was time i conquered the curry.

i found a delicious looking recipe for a mango chicken curry. ( it took a bit of time to make to make and jer helped cut up the mango. i have a problem of just jumping in head first to cooking when sometimes it's better if i just cut up all my veggies before i start cooking, especially when making something as tricky as curry, so jer helped me out of a pinch. the curry turned out delicious, the spice was just right, my nose was running, the house smelled yummy and now i can add curry to my list of fave cooking recipes.