fabricland here i come

i finally got to fabricland this weekend. finally.
it has taken me over 6 months to get to this place. having busy weekends jam packed with errands didn't help, but now that we have the car our pace is a bit more relaxed and we finally made it.

my poor couch has sat barren for so long, i don't think it even knew what a throw pillow was.

she is all decked out now. i scored and hit a huge 50% off sale. i intended to go in and get fabric to make a whack load of pillows but got lured in by some covers alreay made on sale. once i found those i still got a bit of material to make a few more.

i am kicking myself though. i fell in love with the grey center pillow, but also really wanted to make 2 out of the material i found so i put 1 of the grey ones back. once i got home i realized i loved the grey one way more than all the others and wish i had listened to my gut instinct and bought more. oh well, at least i got there. now to see if i can actually remember how to use my sewing machine..hahaha.