here comes the sun....

whooeee! sunshine!
we had a wonderful weekend. the sun was shining, we had no real errands to run and we were able to just relax and enjoy ourselves. we took mackie out for a yummy breakfast at Floyd's Diner and then to the beach on saturday. she loved it and of course loved the sand so much she ate it...haha.
sunday we went out to finally go explore the govenor's house here in victoria. it was gorgeous there and alot of fun. it's so close to our house and now we feel silly for not having been there before. we didn't get to explore all of the grounds as it is quite large, but did explore all of the upper area. mack loved all the flowers, gardens, gazebos, mazes and the baby ducks at the pond. the view from the grounds is breathtaking and next time we go we will bring the hiking pack and we can walk through the trail down the cliff area.