photo shoot

mackie is a year old now!
cannot believe how fast time has flown by. it is time for the "photo shoot" again. when she turned 6 months we had a great little photo shoot at stanley park. we were really happy with them and even used one for our xmas card. so we thought we would give it a shot ourselves again for the one year pics. what a riot that was!!!!

first of all, the weather didn't cooperate with us too well, but we made due. not sure if mackenzie's best pic ever is in there, but there were some cute ones of all us and we had fun doing it (after i finished stressing anyways, i am not a good model..haha, nor am i photogenic).

i will post the best ones on mack's photosite . you can now download the picture or the full album on there which is nice. i will be doing a mail out as well once we get some pics developed. please be patient. it takes me a bit of time to get them uploaded and then developed and picked up, then mailed. with a 1 year old, that is alot of time to find...but i will. so keep your eye out in that ol'mailbox in the next few upcoming weeks. our smiling faces will be in there waiting to see ya.