pig tails

mack and i enjoyed a fun time at the drop in babytime at the oak bay library today. the only bad part was us getting lost and having to phone jer at work a few times for him to check out the online map to help us out. i have nobody to blame but the transit website in victoria - it sucks!!! anyways, we made it and had a great time. it was nice to learn some new songs and ryhmes for mackie to sing.

it was a beautiful day out, weather i hope that made it to kitimat for my mom's bday. she deserves some sunshine on her special day. i hate not being close to them to celebrate bdays and all other fun stuff during the year.
this afternoon mack and i went outside to have a little trike time and i got some shots of her that i think sum up her darling little personality. plus the shirt she is wearing only adds to her charm. i found it at zellers on the weekend, too cute. it has a little monkey face on it and says "cheeky" above it. i always call her my cheeky monkey, so it was a sure thing to buy it when i saw it and the only hairstyle that seemed appropriate with her ensemble was pigtails!!