toys r us here we come!

we braved the crowds today and headed out to mayfair mall. i hate that place and so does jer. it sucks the life out of you as soon as you enter it's doors. it has a bad aura. i know it's a mall but it has it's own vibes and they are bad. we only go there when we absolutely have to and we did today. mackie had some bday money that we have been dying to go spend there in toys r us. she usually is asleep when we dash in but today she was awake and ready to spend some money. she had so much fun in there running up and down the aisles oooohhhing and ahhhhing over all the fun toys. that was the only good part of our shopping trip there today. here are a few of the things she got today with the help of her great nana and papa.

we got mackenzie her very own "little people farm set". it's so much fun. it plays music and all the animal homes make animal sounds. she loves it and i remember playing with the one i had as a kid for hours.

she also fell in love with this adorable beach chair - mackie sized.

we found her one of those "poppers" as well. the long handled toy you push on the floor that has air balls in it that pop as you walk, sorta looks like a vacuum. i was going to get a pic of it, but she won't let me take it away from her long enough to get a shot. she also got her first set of crayons, paints and a huge jumbo coloring book. i can't wait to get into those!!! mom is more excited than she is.

after standing in an extraordinary long line at toys r us we bolted for the parking lot and got the hell out of there. we then had to head over to another mall where our shopping day only got worse. after tiring ourselves out and with sore feet we finally dragged ourselves (mack was attached to the boob) back to the car and had to endure another torturous chore and go buy groceries....bah.

in the long run it was worth it. mackie loves her toys and we ate a delicious new recipe. i didn't make the coleslaw but instead we had this delicious greek salad recipe. probably one of the yummiest i have ever had and i love a good greek salad.