wishing i was still in a highrise....

i have lived in a big city in an apartment for about 9 years of my life. before we moved to the island we were in a high rise right smack dab in the middle of the busiest part of vancouver. it was concrete and involved no maintenance on our part.

now we are in a ground level suite of a 3 floor character house and we have a patch of garden and an area where our landlord dumps his shit..haha. the tenants who live on the very top floor have redone the backyard and it is now looking great. the only part of the house that is crappy now is the side our our suite. hopefully he comes and picks up all his supplies/tools so now when i look out my bedroom window i don't see an old toilet...yuck!!!!!!

the weather today is absolutely gorgeous. sunny and hot. it's delicious. so mackie and i went out for a walk in the morning down her street (same name as her) and then this afternoon we got ambitious and decided to don our garden wear (me in garden gloves and everything, my nana would be so proud and mackie in her sunhat and cute bug shirt from great grandma judy) and get out and pull the weeds from around the landlords crap. we would love to be able to put our chairs and bbq out there. the other two suites have balconies, so it would be nice for us to have a place to sit as well.

mackie was in her trike looking all precious and i decided to wreak havoc on the weeds. bye bye stress!!! i showed those weeds who's boss. sad thing was under all our landlords crap are poor sad tulips trying to stay alive. hopefully they will make it and bloom next year.

i decided since i had done all i could do with the side of the house i would now tackled under our front windows. it is really weedy there and i would like to put some pots along there. i should have known with my luck that something would happen to me. i have silly luck like that.

since we moved in i have been cleaning little spider nests and webs from our front door garden area and along the windows outside. i keep thinking i have gotten the little bastards when poof, the next day they are back again. well, now i know why.

silly of me to dive head first into a thickly congested section of dead weeds!! i will never, ever, ever, do that again. first i found the mother nest!!!!!!!!!! oh god, it scares me to even type this. and silly me had flip flops on, not even shoes. so out comes crawling all these little spiders everywhere and if that wasn't bad enough the mother was there too........a huge, gigantic, big spider. biggest one i have ever seen. anyone who knows me knows i am very, very scared of spiders. so i lost it, freaked out had a little scream and then sucked it up and continued only under the assumption that i had to kill the mother. but i missed......i missed by a hair. she got away. i don't know where it is now, and that thought is going to give me nightmares tonight. what if she decides to crawl in the house and seek revenge on the thing that killed her babies!!!!! oh lord.....and to top it off, when i was hunting the mother down....i ran into another problem.

A MOTHER F**&#&# SNAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YES, A SNAKE! a long, ugly, slithery, fat, creepy, crawly snake. the one thing that scares me more than spiders are snakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it got away too. so now i am left with a big, bad ol fear of my yard. i grabbed the baby as fast as i could and we booted it inside.

i called jer at work and whined to him to come home and save us...hahaha. i am scared to leave the house now thinking that the spider momma and the snake are gonna get into cahoots together and take me down. also a big crow was following us outside and i think it may be the same crow that ate mack's food the other day...haha. it is still out there 2hours later cawing it's brains out sitting on the driveway. for all i know maybe all three are in on it. i am a goner. if something happens to me, you know it was the critter gang that took me down.

oh how i wished i still lived in a high rise where the only thing i had to worry about was the dust from the traffic driving in the alley behind our building.