finally in the 30's

i had my bday on the weekend.

i admit i am finding the 30's hard. i had a hard time with turning 30 last year and it hasn't sunk in that well yet that i am 31 now either.
i guess i have an image of someone in pleated mom jeans and a bad perm with grey hair...who knows, but i sure am happy that 30 is the new 20!!!! women are now looking damn fine all the way into their 80's! Who says getting older can't be sexy?

Jer took me out kayaking for the day and cami watched mackenzie for us. we got to be babyless from 9-5!!! it was a much needed break for me and we had a great time. we got to explore some islands, i almost had my arm bit off by a jumping fish and we got whipped around in whirlpools, waves and strong currents. it was great fun. you can see more pics of our trip and other photos we update regularly at

the next day we went to our friend jaime's daughters 3rd bday party where we jumped and frolicked around in a big gymnastics center. mackenzie had a blast.
sunday was for relaxing and having fun.