let the chaos ensue

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! we are moving

bad memories of our old place in vancouver are coming back to me in flashbacks at night causing me alot of anxiety. we lived in utter chaos trying to pack and live in a 5oo & something foot apartment with an 8 month old!
i hate packing. i love purging and starting fresh in a brand new "clean" apartment, unlike when we moved in here, the a##holes didn't even clean the friggin place. we are excited regardless.

excited to get out of this noisy, loud, annoying neighbour filled suite in an old, ill repaired character house that has an ever growing spider infestation!!!!!! i will be so happy to be in a clean place. all i ask is for cleanliness. i am not spoiled, nor do i need alot. but this place is always covered in dust. it's like we are attracting it in amazing amounts. i have to dust every second day and vacuum as well to keep this place safe for the baby to play!! every morning i go to the living room, put my coffee cup on the table and then go to get something for the baby. when i return my cup already has dust floating in the top of my coffee in my cup!!! now what the hell is that about???? someone tell me. i cannot figure it out. so i will be happy to be rid of this place. seeya to the annoying neighbours who i cannot stand to even look at anymore! i already feel horrible for whoever moves in here. now we know why the rent was so cheap.

oh well, it did what we needed and the neighbourhood is great. we found our new place by fate we think. my gorgeous sissy cami phoned me the day after my bday and immediately urged us to come over to her friend's house asap! to make a long story short, we loved the 2bdrm, 2 bath privately owned condo on the top floor with no neighbours and she was moving and needed new tenants. we took it. we didn't even think about it. we walked in the door and our fate was sealed. i cannot wait to be in there. we love it. we prayed for 4 days till we heard the final details. we gave our a#*hole landlord our notice last night....it felt great. now the hard part comes. packing.

packing, moving, eloping, maid of honor, weddings, bbq receptions...the list goes on for what july is filled with. not sure how we are gonna make it work, but i will be putting my organizational skills to the test.