shopt till ya drop

mack and i headed out to the mall today.

we first hit up our fave dollar giant where we got a few new nifty things.

i then dared to take her (no nap yet) to the mall! this is scary as she doesn't like to stay in the mall for long and usually throws a fit in the change rooms just when i get undressed. i figured she may fall asleep in the stroller so we headed in.

we did alright. i got a few things in one store after she threw her rice cake and cheese all over the floor of the change room, broke my bracelet and dialed someone on jer's cell phone..hahahaha. but we made it out alive.

we got jer a father's day gift and then rushed out to catch the dreaded bus home.

here is a pic of mack just when we got home.

i also wanted to post a pic of the rose bush in our garden that thankfully is still alive. they are gorgeous and i cannot wait for the whole bush to bloom. the people in our house have neglected them and we got some great tips from dean about where to trim them in the spring and that seemed to have helped.