3 more days till the wedding!!!!

i am sad to say i am not going to be able to finish my shawl in time for the wedding. i am very upset about this, but i only have so much time in the day...haha. this is how the pattern is progressing right now though. i am about half way done. i can't wait to finish it and get jer to take me out on a date so i can wear it.

this has been one of the most chaotic months and it is only going to get worse. we have so much going on i feel as though my mind is overflowing with little things i need to remember and get done.

trying to get married, move to a new place, be a maid of honor, attend another wedding and plan a big bbq is just way too many things to do and have happening in a 2 week time span!!! but we are getting through it.

i decided to find a shawl the same color as the one i am making to wear and my mom/dad so nicely bought it as a gift for me. they got the something blue part. jer's mom lent me her earrings that she wore when she got married (i love them!), something borrowed/something old, and i picked up a bracelet to match, something new.

i've got a dress i love, and decided to wear my hair down (in case it rains) and curly with a flower in my hair on the side. precious mackenzie is wearing a cute, little white dress that she is very excited about getting to put on finally.

we can't wait for the wedding and are crossing our fingers the weather is nice. it will be great to see our friends that are coming and to go camping! we are curious to see how mack does in the tent. we set it up in the house and let her romp around in it and she seems ok with it, so cross your fingers my child sleeps the night before the wedding. last thing i need is big bags under my eyes from staying up all night breastfeeding the baby in the wilderness...haha. i am just hoping i also don't have to go pee in the night. i hate trying to find my way to the toilets in the dark with only a flashlight to keep pervies away...ewwwwww and the bears. (i have a bad fear of bears) i think i would rather hold it until i burst.

the next few weeks are going to be super busy for us here, so i will probably not be posting for a few weeks, but when i do i'm sure there will be lots stories and photos from all the events. hopefully sometime in there i manage to hold on to what is left of my sanity, breathe in my spanx and enjoy my new husband, my daughter and our soon to be new home!!!!!