spanx me!

yipee!!!! the spanx are finally home with me!!!!

i got myself a pair of the "higher power panty" from spanx today. after asking around and hunting for a long time i finally found some stores retailing spanx in victoria. the price is a bit more than online, but i don't have to pay for shipping. i got them at a wedding store in town called "stitches by luz" and also another shop downtown carries then near paboom...but i can't for the life of me remember there name. it was a cute, funky shop though with a salon in it and all sorts of adorable lingerie.

i am happy that i don't have to worry about holding in my breath all day at my sis's wedding in a few weeks and i can secretly wear them under my clothes and revel in all the "did you lose weight?" comments...haha. yeah for the spanx!!!