hair, hair, everywhere

i got a few new products to reccomend recently.

i was out purusing through the local pharmasave and found a great selecetion of all natural and organic products and food that i usually have to go to 2-3 stores for and pay a higher price (ex. lifestyle market) for.

i scooped while i had the chance on the sales and picked up these goodies:

best shaving cream i have ever used!!! smells like lavender and leaves my legs silky soft and so smooth. no irratation with shaving with this product. the stuff feels like an indulgent deep hair conditioner for your legs. if you hate having no foam, this isn't for you, but believe me, it's worth trying just for the softness and the scent. Avalon Organics Lavender Moisturizing Cream Shave (

i also bought some more of my favorite shampoo/conditioner from "kiss my face" ( called "big body" and it's lavender scented which again, i adore!!! mmmm...relaxing. i love this company's products and am excited that they have finally started a kid's line as well. i haven't seen it in stores yet, but may buy some from their website for mackie.

so go out and indulge. a little lavender goes a long way......and believe me, a mom needs it.