old navy madness

i just love it when they get the tickle giggles.

it's just one of those gazillion special things that kids do that have the amazing power to just make you "happy". that kind of ooey gooey goodness that makes you warm and fuzzy inside.

she had a good, long squeal giggle from this two footed armpit tickle (it's her new fave) and it also gives me quite the workout for my legs..haha.

we went to old navy on the weekend. i couldn't help myself. i just knew in my bones that their baby sale was on and i couldn't resist. we stocked up for mack's spring/summer clothes there a long time ago during the last sale so we knew it was time to go again. they have great, cute, durable clothes that are reasonably priced.

i thought i better post some pics of them so my mommy can see how much i have learned from her parenting. all of her outfits that we bought are wearable together and match each other. my mom is the best at doing this and whenever she buys mack clothes it comes in soooo handy. so this one is for you mom. (miss you and wish you could have come too) ((oh and the pic of the three tops are the ones we picked up from the big sears sale.))
jer got a new coat and i got a bucket load of new clothes but wouldn't you know that none of my stuff was on sale but jer's and mack's was. that is always the way it works when we go there. darn it. oh well. it is hard enough for me to find shirts that fit right now with the breastfeeding momma jungas still working that if i find a top i like i buy it in a few colors.

needless to say we had fun and ended up wasting a few hours getting sucked into retail heaven.