handmade nation - the documentary and book

If you haven't already read the book handmade nation go out and get a copy. it's an inspiring, beautiful, collection of a group of amazing handmade artists.

faythe levine travelled to 15 cities and interviewed 80 individuals in 2006 to document the rise of diy, art, craft and design movement in the usa. in between 06' and 09' she released a sneak peak trailer that caused quite a lot of anticipation, wrote a book about her journey and made a documentary.

the documentary, also titled handmade nation, was just released and the screenings are touring around. if you are interested in seeing it please go here for screening times and locations. i know i am personally crossing my fingers that it makes it to more destinations than toronto in canada.

if you can't wait for the screening, here is the trailer for handmade nation: