good luck should be coming my way

so i think i am entitled to a tiny bit of good luck. mackenzie and i were out enjoying the gorgeous sunshine today and playing at the park. we love to swing side by side, her in the baby swing and me on the big swing. i was happily swinging along when splat - a frickin bird took a big sh*@ across my legs. not just one leg - but both legs!!! what the h#@@? seriously, could it not have been on the day i dredge outside in my oldest sweats? nope, it's on the day i am wearing my treasured lululemon pants and the only thing i have to wipe it up is a coffee soaked napkin. yummy. the bird must have known.

this is the 3rd time i have been sh*@ on by a bird. the first time i was suntanning in my bikini (oh the days when i could still wear one) on the beach and splat - you guessed it, right across my tummy. mortifying. the second time i was preggers with mackenzie and my hubby and i were out for a walk in yaletown (vancouver) and splat - on my head! my friggin head. disgusting. jer had to go in some random restaurant and beg them to let him have a napkin to wipe up his 9 month preggers, hormonal, miserable, bloated, huge boobied wife's pooh covered head so she didn't break down bawling on the side of the road - you all know that feeling.

as far as i'm concerned - bring on the good luck.