how to make beach glass earrings

anyone else got jars of beach glass and rocks? i do. they are in every room. we are beach junkies at our house and we love to collect little treasures and bring them home. it's our dream to live right on a beach (or as close to one as we can get) and this is our way of bringing the beach closer to us.

when i saw these pretty little beach glass earrings and realized they weren't that hard to make i just about swooned. you can find the tutorial here. now, i don't have one of those handy little dremel tools to drill into the beach glass, but i will be asking around to see if someone else does. my ears are just begging to be adorned by these beauties. i think i'll make mine in that sheer sea green color.

have any of you tried a project like this?

(images jennifer worick)