how to make embroidered bookmarks

i cannot wait for amanda blake soule's new book - handmade home to come out. i talk about her on here often and was happy to see the sneak preview a few weeks ago in mothering magazine of one of the projects in her new book. these embroidered bookmarks are such a cute idea for the little reader in your house. i know i was a big time reader when i was young and loved finding neat bookmarks to use. this is a great way for kids to personalize something of their own and feel proud of it. if your child can't do the sewing you could always get them to do the drawing and you could embroider it on for them. i think that even if i drew something for my own bookmark, it would like a child had done it - my embroidery skills are that bad.

here's the link for project, it's a fun craft to do if you are having rainy, gloomy weather like we are.