one week - canadian style

johsua jackson's new movie, one week, gives us a reminder of how breathtakingly stunning canada's landscape is and how darn lucky we are to live here. especially close to home for me and my hubby were the scenes beach side in tofino, where we were married last year.

i don't know if everyone will understand the humour of this film if they aren't a canadian resident, but regardless, the movie was touching and reminds us all to take time to enjoy life while we can and to truly live it, all with a tim horton's in hand. so roll up the rim to win (sorry, couldn't help myself) and head to your local theatre. also, if you are from the island, you will get a kick out of the shots of the duncan hockey stick! yep, it's live and on full screen!

p.s. the soundtrack kicks butt. sam roberts, stars, joel plaskett, wintersleep, emm gryner, great lake swimmers, lights, and luke doucet to name a few. hmmmm, what's not to like?