the quilting adventure

some of the regular readers of this blog know that i have been planning on making mackenzie a crib size quilt for her bday next month and that i have been procrastinating with the best of them about starting it. well, i finally started the darn thing. it's my first time making a quilt and i dove headfirst into the wonderful, addicting yet sometimes frustrating, world of quilting. my block placements (color wise) are not perfect, the seams are not flawless, but i am so friggin proud of this quilt, i want to wear a sign on myself and walk around town.
some things i am loving about quilting so far:

1) i can do it while watching telly with my hubby.
2) i can do it while playing with my daughter and cuddling on the couch.
3) my daughter loves to watch me put the pieces together and is possibly, even more excited about it than i am.
4) once i fixed all my errors (and there were many) it sewed up quickly.
5) i didn't stab myself once with the needle, but i did like the idea of stabbing my hubby with one after he ridiculed me for all the times i fu*&ed up the darn thing. (just kidding, well maybe not)
6) it is more rewarding than all the knitting projects i have ever made (and i have made alot), sorry knitting projects.
7) my mom and i are starting quilting together and she lives far away from me and i miss her so much it makes me hurt, so the idea of us both working on our quilting at night makes me feel close to her. (insert a big hug to my mom)

i will post more pics as i progress through what i think will be a creative, fun, humorous & sometimes nightmarish process. any of you new to the quilting process? any tips to give?