how to make a beach towel poncho for your little one

swim lessons have started back up in our house, and no, there is no freakin' way you are gonna see my scary butt in the water - jer takes her in. i prefer the seating area for all the other folks who don't go in the pool. i sit there wrapped up in my clothes, holding on to my cup of coffee like a security blanket. the idea of walking past all those parents, like on a runway, in my bathing suit, praying that i won't get gub or my boob pops out, is more than i can handle. now don't get me wrong, i do go swimming, just not when there is a huge crowd to walk by. why the designers of this pool decided to make the parents section literally within arms reach of the change rooms and the walkway to the pool is beyond me. they must have been men.

i am in charge of the swim bag. i have to be ready for jer and mack when they get out of the pool, towels in hand, ready to dry off. so when i spotted this cute little beach towel poncho i thought it was a great idea to keep little ones warm at the pool or at the beach. you can find out how to make one of your own over at "4 crazy kings". click here for the tutorial.

happy swimming! do any of you have any tips for braving the swimming pool?

(via craft gossip)