how to make a potholder from a vintage cocktail napkin

i seem to have a thing the last week or two with patchwork oven mitts, but i just can't stop. they are so quirky and a great way to use small bits of fabric. bonus is that i can practice my sewing and quilting skills while making them. i am a bad cutter. i can't cut straight when it comes to fabric. you would think that after being a hairdresser for years and years, i could cut a straight line, but nope, fabric feels a heck of a lot different then hair does.

this potholder tute by "lindamade" caught my eye. i adore the color palette she used and the fact that she incorporated a vintage cocktail napkins into it just adds the icing to the cake. you can find the tutorial to make a set for yourself here.

have any of you been making potholders? what's your favorite potholder pattern?

(via craftgossip)