notes from the mommyhood - made with love

we received a lovely, handmade, crocheted blanket as a gift last week from my nana and papa. my nana, and my mom and i, all have the same love of gorgeous ocean blues and turquoises that this blanket was crocheted with. it must have been fate that my nana bought this for me because i had been on the hunt for months for the perfect throw for our bed. i had been too lazy to crochet one myself and too cheap to buy one i didn't absolutely covet. this blanket fit all my criteria - it was handmade, it's warm, soft, cozy and the color and pattern are just right.

the best thing about this blanket is that it couldn't have come at a better time. my little girl and i are both sick (again - bah!) and we started out thinking we had a cough/cold but after quite the rigmarole at the doc today it seems we both have bronchitis - me worse than her. i have even lost my voice! anyone who knows me knows this is a very, very bad thing. if you think i talk a lot on here, you should hear me go in real life. i am now finding myself sounding like a weird breed of seal, or like that little penguin from happy feet when he tries to sing - it's just plain sad. just be thankful you all can't hear me wheeze. this blanket has helped me get through some long nights lately and has eased those cold chills from beneath my duvet. there's just something so healing about laying under a blanket made with love.

my folks have left to return home, leaving us in full tear mode with my little one asking "where's my family?" and me trying to explain that nana & opa live far away and have had to go back home. it sucks, and being far away from family you are very close too sucks as well. but that's how it goes sometimes. after these last 2 weeks i truly do believe it does take a family to raise a child. so mom/dad, if you're reading this "come back, we miss you already".

there won't be a fit friday in the mommyhood today as i am not fit enough to write one with my bronchitis ailing me. i try to keep things fresh around here and i couldn't bring myself to post something half assed just for the sake of posting.

if anyone out there is interested in being a guest blogger on fit fridays in the mommyhood or has a topic they would like to see on here, i would love to hear from you! send me an email at and let me know what you're thinking. wishing you all a healthy and happy weekend surrounded by family and loved ones.

what's your favorite gift that you received that was made with love?