patchwork style & a potholder tutorial

patchwork style is coming! the book is set to be released on april 14th - yippee! this year has been such a great year for craft books and it's only march! i am already drooling over all that is set to come during spring and summer. my wallet and my library card are going to be well used.

i have always loved books ever since i was a child. i've worked in the book industry and have a soft spot for all things books. i love the smell of an old used bookstore, curling up in the corner and the pleasure of finding a new treasure and wondering where that book has been, who has held it before and what story it may have to tell besides what is written on it's pages. since moving to victoria i haven't been involved in a book club. i just haven't had the time. i can't even make it to the knitting club i so fondly wish i was attending, but it's on my list of things to do once things settle down a bit. oh the things we lose time for when we have kids.

you may have time to whip this up though. the esty blog - storque has a sneak peek in patchwork style and has a great little tute for making handmade potholders. here's the link.