twiggy the wall organizer

i'm trying to get organized around our house, or more organized is a better way to put it. with jer's crazy hours and him working 7 days a week things need to run like a ship around here in order for me to stay sane.

we had slowly been letting that scary old pile of mail build up and up on our kitchen counter and i had finally had enough. during mack's nap yesterday, when i should have been writing on here, i decided to whip out some of my amy butler goodies and throw together this wall organizer. it's not perfect (i say this a lot about my projects) but it does what i need it to do. i couldn't get out to get more supplies and didn't have any interfacing or stiff fabric, so i had to make due with what i had. push pins work wonders and i can hang my keys on it. nothing heavy is intended to go in the pockets so i figured a little sway here and there won't make a big deal to our family as long as the mail get's put in it.

it's out of the way of mackenzie's grips, which the ominous pile wasn't before. she almost tore up my tax papers...couldn't she have gone for a bill instead? geez. i didn't follow a pattern for this either, i just went by my memory of some wall organizers i have seen in the past. it was fun to sew and quick to make. my favorite part is the twig. gotta luv a good twig. i use them for tons of stuff around the house, they are sturdy and free! can't beat that.

any of you made a wall organizer lately?