wrapagami - furochic it!

i adore the idea of using fabric to wrap gifts. my mother in law was doing this at xmas time and i loved it! any excuse to use fun fabric is a good one in my books. check out the new book wrapagami by jenn playford:

"If you think origami is cool, wait until you see Wrapagami! This colourful little book is written by Jenn and is a collection of projects using a square piece of fabric and simple techniques to wrap gifts and incorporate FurochicTM and furoshiki into your everyday life. Who would imagine a square piece of fabric could be SO handy! Embellish your gifts with the luxury of a fabric wrap that becomes part of the gift and can be reused over and over again."

for those of you lovelies that live in Victoria, "join jenn at silk road on april 26 at 11am for a furochic workshop where you will learn how to wrap your gifts in fabric using inventive and creative techniques."

thanks to my friend erica for the heads up on this great workshop!