what's on your needle?

here's a peek at what's on my needle:

something just for me

i've been waiting for this material to finally go on sale and finally got some on the weekend. don't you just adore those little owls?

we have a few getaways beach side (not too far from home) planned this summer and i hope to be donning one of these goodies while basking in the sunshine. i need something to cover up "the girls", if you know what i mean. i scooped up these patterns before they were sold out but now my only problem is can i actually sew them? help - anyone? knowing me, i will open up the pattern, try to read it and say screw it and just try to wing it like i do every project..haha.

these just screamed throw cushions at me and i just couldn't resist them at $4/metre! i think they just may be perfect for our deck overhaul this summer! bring on the mojitos!

what's on your needle this week?