calling all melrose place fans!

ok, this is funny - somewhat, and i'm not embarrassed to admit this - i am a die hard fan of melrose place. LUV IT! i have watched this gossip filled, over the top dramatic, crazy show since i was a teenager. i rewatched the first few seasons while stuck to the couch breastfeeding and am now on season 5 and can't wait for more.

i damn near fell off my couch tonight in excitement when i saw the ad on the CW network for the fall release of the new melrose place!!!! what do you guys think? are you excited for this? will you be watching? rumour is that ashlee simpson-wentz is in the cast, and some of all time fave stars will be rejoining for guest starring roles and maybe even permanent casting. was that sydney and dr. michael mancini in the sneak peek? you betcha and i couldn't be happier. now all they need is heather locklear, lisa rinna and some young stud muffins and i'm glued to the set.

are there any other melrose place fans out there? which star are you hoping makes a return appearance? come rejoice with me and let's all cross our fingers that it's a hellavu lot better than the new 90210.