knitting pattern 911

ok all you knitters - i am in need of your assistance. my daughter was gifted this precious cardigan and i want to make another one for her and also one for myself. anyone know of a similar pattern? or want to take a shot at making one? i have had several questions about it and where i got it so i am sure it would be popular. it seems pretty basic, not too tricky, and i am a good knitter, but i am not so great at drafting my own patterns.


front bottom

sorry the pictures are not so hot, they were all i had. if you want a closer look, let me know and i can email it to you. please feel free to leave a comment or send an email to if you have any advice, know of a pattern, or are willing to take a shot at one!


front sleeve

back sleeve

p.s. if you are the lady (carol hornby) who made this or know her, please, please get a hold of me :)