pincushion ring from artnest for my bday!

my mom surprised me yesterday with a little pressie in the mail! it was the pin cushion ring that i have been pining for from artnest! i cannot even say how much i luv this ring. it is going to save me so much grief when sewing, especially since we have light colored carpet in our apartment and i am forever dropping and finding pins everywhere!!!! ignore my poor dry skinned hand and check out my lovely new yoga mat from lululemon that my hubby brought home for me the other night in the background - it's my fave color and so soft! i luv it - thanks hun!

thanks so much mom!!!! i adore it! you need to get yourself one too...wink wink. if you haven't seen artnest's shop yet, head on over. she also has a great little blog - go say hi for me :) up next i am crossing my fingers for her needlenest. so fabulous!