the placemat to bib tutorial!

i've been on the hunt for new and safe bibs for mackenzie and kept finding myself reluctant to spend over $10/Cdn for one bib. I spotted some great tropical placemats (PEVA & eco-friendly) at walmart a few weeks ago and bought them for about $1 each not knowing what i was going to do with them. after my search for a new bib replacement ended up fruitless, i remembered my new placemats and the bib idea was born.

this is a super easy repurposing craft that can be hand stitched with an upholstery needle or sewn on the machine like i did. have some fun with it. go wild with the placemat patterns, add a pocket or fancy trim, you're sure to get a lot of wear out of these handy little placemat bibs and all for a great price - you can't go wrong with that!

click below for the pdf tutorial:

and you can also download the pattern pieces here. we've been having lots of fun with our bibs at home and i have to say these things repel food! it's been great - no fussy clean up, running dye, stinky odour and they wipe down easily. happy bib making :)

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please add any pics of bibs you make to our flickr group! we love seeing what you are making!