announcement - top tutorials week!!!!

we're going on vacation at the end of the week and i've been pondering what to do on the site while i'm away. i decided to have....are you ready for it....a "top tutorials week"! yippee! i luv when other blogs do this, so i figured why not have one for all the tutorials that have been featured here on luvinthemommyhood.

but i need your help to make this just a bit more interesting. here's the deal, i'm going to choose my top picks from each category (see below) and then you guys can comment to vote for your fave from that post. when i get back in town i'll post the results and announce the winner for that category! then you guys can find the top tutorials for each category for the season of spring!

what's the prize? well, the prize is that i am going to do this each season (spring, summer, fall and witner) and keep an ongoing link for the top tutorials in my sidebar. so if your tute wins, you get to toot your own horn (sorry, couldn't resist), have a permanent spot in "luvinthemommyhood's top tutorials" and bragging rights that your tute was chosen as the top tutorial!

what do you think? sound like fun? i think's the categories:

* knitting
* crochet
* sewing (includes refashioning and upcycling..etc)
* diy/repurposing
* crafts

if any of you think i missed a category or want me to change the ones i have, please let me know, i want this to be interesting for all of us. tell your friends, share the link luv and get those votes in for your top tutorial!

like the button above? i made one for you guys too! you can sport that bad boy on your own site and get your votes in! code for the button coming right up in the next post.

p.s. - want your tutorial to be featured on luvinthemommyhood? email to get your tute in for our summer season.