don't you hate it when...

a perfectly good cup of coffee goes to waste....what's that saying when someone spills a beer...oh ya - alcohol abuse, well in my world this was worse, it was definitely coffee abuse. oh, it broke my heart. i just got mackenzie down for a nap yesterday, had the new daughtry album playing (friggin love it), the sun is shining, the computer beckoning and my coffee cup in hand when, crash, my cute little white mug slipped out of my hand, woke the baby and covered my entire kitchen floor! it needed cleaning, but seriously, come on now, that precise moment was not when i would have chosen to do such a hated chore - bah! needless to say, the pants came off, yes, i was still wearing my pj's - come on moms, you all know you keep your pj's on at home during the day sometimes too, i am not alone in this, the floor got washed, the toddler back to sleep and this post written to confess my angst.

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have any of you had a moment like this? what's your "don't you hate it when...." moment?