we're going on holiday! i'll be unplugged and away from the computer until july 13th - yippee! we're heading off to stay with friends and family on a lovely island on the coast and plan to fill our days with beach, ocean, beach, ocean and more beach. i've got my bags packed with some fun summer reads and my diva hat and i are all ready to go hit the sand.

i am going to miss my sewing machine though. i almost packed some hand sewing and knitting (sad, i know) but we just can't fit anymore stuff in our small car. i will have to write and find other creative outlets while i am away. be prepared for lots and lots of pics. it's gorgeous there and i can't wait to show it to all of you.

off topic - check out an article i wrote for the yummy mummy club! it was based on a post i wrote for "fit friday in the mommyhood". i love this site and have been a member since i first found out i was preggers in 2006 (gosh, it seems so long ago).

wishing you all a wonderful week and have fun with "top tutorials week" - remember to get those votes in for your fave tutorial featured on luvinthemommyhood (see previous post) and be on the look out for a new tutorial in the "newbie sewing series" coming soon!