what i'm reading...

affordable, sustainable nesting skills
written & illustrated by: raleigh briggs

i had been hearing about this wonderful little handwritten/illustrated book "make your place" for a few months now and kept meaning to order my own copy when thankfully i read this post over on "angry chicken" and it reminded me to get my butt in gear. this book is fabulous and so fun to read. it's so handy to have all the things i currently have clipped and ripped all in one crafty book.

"This hand-drawn book of charming tutorials is both fun and accessible. It's full of simple skills that anyone can and should learn. From creating tinctures and salves, to concocting all-natural cleaners, to gardening basics, this book is great for anyone looking to live more simply and truly do it themselves."

this book should be on all of our shelves, especially with the state of the economy/environment. i ordered mine from microcosom publishing and was very happy with their service and the price! the book is on sale at the moment for $5 US - you can't go wrong with that kind of price! i know my copy is going to be well worn, corners flipped and held very dear to my bookshelf!

have any of you read this lately? what's your favorite part?