etsy monday in the mommyhood

"i love to put on lotion. sometimes I'll watch TV and go into a lotion trance for an hour. i try to find brands that don't taste bad in case anyone wants to taste me." ~ angelina jolie

1. moisturizing mint & vanilla snow day body cream by dress green
2. women's extra moisturizing face lotion by red leaf
3. multifruit body polish scrub by marmalade hills
4. gingerbread body butter creme by wicked soaps

just as i was starting to get over my pregger barfing blues on came a bout of a cough/flu and no, i don't think it was h1n1 that lead me to no posts for a week. i'm doing my best to get things back on track here on the site, but it seems like life just keeps throwing something my way. hopefully by the time xmas is over this site will be up at 100% capacity again. thanks for all of you sticking by us during this time - luv you guys!

so while i was laying in bed moaning and feeling sorry for myself i started wishing i had a round of new and yummy organic body lotions just right for the xmas holiday season. i thought it would be a fun "etsy monday in the mommyhood" to go take a look at what they have to offer for body lotions and potions - and wow! i gotta say, these all look good enough to eat and are healthy enough that you could, but only if you really wanted least slather yourself in em' to make your spouse think you are....tee hee - delicious!

what's your fave scent for a body lotion? do you recommend a store on etsy for lotion?