makin' it in the mommyhood - xmas pressies

first off, happy new year's everyone! i hope you all had a wonderful holiday. mine was great but went by way too fast if you ask me! hubby is back at work and we are left with a quiet house that seems just a bit sad without all the company and that friendly, cheerful xmas tree. doesn't help to have it be the most miserable and rainy day today.

over the last few weeks i finally managed to get myself back on the sewing machine to make a few xmas pressies. i thought i would show you all what i had been up to. it was lots of fun and i really missed my good ol' machine. now that xmas is over i have lots of baby items on the list. santa brought me lotta jansdotter's book "simple sewing for baby" to go with my new marble rolling pin (yep, i was a good girl so santa finally got me one) which i friggin adore! i think i am going to make everything in that book! so great and filled with some handy, simple and resourceful projects.

anyhoo, back to the xmas pressies, here we go.............

(ps. - sorry the pics are not the greatest for all of these, the weather was horrible and i just gave up waiting for good lighting.)

camille and miranda's "margaret bag"

firstly, i am addicted, and i mean addicted to elizabeth's pattern from oh fransson for "the margaret bag". i made two of them and can't wait to make one for myself. this seriously is the best sized bag, the pleat and button detail is adorable and it's super stylish! i can't seem to stop! here's the ones i made for my sister and my sister in law for xmas.

camille's "margaret bag"

miranda's "margaret bag"

fabric bookmark and reversible book cover

next up i made my mother in law a reversible fabric book cover and bookmark. i used this pic over on sew mama sew as inspiration for the bookmark (if anyone knows of a tutorial for this let me know) and this tutorial for the book cover.

suit up calculator cover

my hubby is an accountant. i am sure you have all heard my rants about his career before so i won't get into that today..haha, but him being an accountant means he uses a calculator - a lot. he got a new financial calculator for some of his classes he is taking and nicely asked me for a new case for his little pal. i thought why not dress the thing up. give it some sass, while, manly sass anyways. i decided to take some material from a pair of his old dress pants (dark grey for outer case) and an old dress shirt (light grey for loop and lining) and made the calculator a suit...haha, yep a suit. that's what i call it anyways, it reminds me of him and of an accountant in general - sorry hun :P

i mean really, where the heck to do you find a tutorial for a financial calculator case? i had to wing it. it was quite simple as i've made cases for our camera's/ipods before but i decided to do this one sideways and lined it seamless on the inside. if anyone is interested in how to make this please let me know. i have no aversion in doing a tute but figured i won't if i'm the only person on the planet who cares to make one of these bad boys. so low and behold, here he is, in the words of barney from "how i met your mother" - suit up!

mom's "pincushion organizer"

during the last year my mom and i decided to take on the task of learning to quilt. i started with a baby quilt that i winged the pattern on my own and my mom decided to start with a queen size quilt and a lot of cutting. she is just finishing hers up this month. i think she was nuts to start that way, but it worked for her and we have both ended up learning a lot through each method of our chosen methods.

we both complained a lot to each other about all the little loose threads we are repeatedly cutting while quilting and all the wee tools you use and how tricky it was to keep track of everything and all the damn pins while you quilt on the couch. so i decided aha - why not make her the "pincushion organizer" from oh fransson (i know, this woman is just too talented for me to resist making all her tutes). this tute was so easy to follow, so rewarding to make, and i think it turned out fab. the only thing that would have been better is if i could have seen my mom's face when she opened it on xmas morning.

my very own pincushion

the last thing i have made recently was for myself. i was looking through my sewing supplies and realized i seriously did not own a pin cushion! it was getting to be a royal pain in my preggo ars so i decided to finally make one. i followed this cute little tute from paper string cloth now hyena in petticoats to whip one up of my own.

phew - i think that about sums up the xmas pressie sewing. i still have some knitting on my needles that i will hopefully be showing soon. for now, i've got a toddler waiting to color, a baby pushing on my bladder, lunch mess to clean up, laundry to do and a yummy cup of tea to finish drinking.

in the meantime, share away. what did you sew this xmas? any great projects/tutorials you're dying to share? i would love to hear about them.