etsy monday in the mommyhood academy awards edition - best dressed, tears with sandra bullock and a lap dance with hugh jackman

"no one wants to do it alone"
~ neil patrick harris (surprise opening of the 2010 oscars)

1) silk rose gown by red doll
2) old hollywood earrings red carpet ready by lkfarnsworth studio
3) double flower love ring by kathi roussel
4) gorgeous origami dress by red doll

i love the oscars. i love to plop down on the couch making what i call my "nest" and plan to not move for a good 3-4 hours (except for food/pee breaks of course) and drool over the clothes, jewelry and the hair. i thought it would be fun, not for the pocketbook, but for the eye to take a peek at etsy for gowns and jewels. i won't lie, it was fun, and there was a puddle of drool on my keyboard over some of the lovely goodies i found on there.

my fave gowns of the night had to be firstly rachel mcadams - swoon, followed by the simplistically stunning maggie gyllenhaal and then, i'm sure there is to be a love/hate war with people over this one, vera farmiga's marchesa gown. i loved it. i love ruffles. i love pretty gowns and could only imagine the time that went into making that gown.

i honor sandra bullock with a pretty runner up but mostly just because i love her and her speech was the best one of the night, yes, i had the kleenex out and the little bean and i had a good belly jiggling cry over the mom/child speech....insert a tear in my eye.

what was your favorite gown of the night? what oscar ensemble did you deem droolworthy and clooney doesn't count..haha...

p.s. did anyone see the barbara walters special? was it just me or did hugh jackman giving her a lap dance really freak you out?