a small celebration - part three

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luvinthemommyhood is turning "1"!

it's our one year bday on the site so we're having a wee bit of a celebration. click here to read some more about my thoughts on turning "1" and to see "part one" of our celebration and here to read "part two".

i thought i would continue this little shindig of ours with some of my fave moments in the mommyhood. i try to add a little bit of everything on luvinthemommyhood and part of that is an inside peek into my life as a mom, and believe me, it's not always fun or happy, but it is what it is. part of what makes blogging so special for me is the relationships that i have developed with all of you. i love hearing that someone else is going through the same thing or has wonderful advice to pass along to those of us who are suffering at the moment. it helps us moms get through the good times and the bad times, whether it's parenting, relationships, body issues or even sewing, you have all been there for me - so thank you!

here's a few of my fave posts that i have written in the series "notes from the mommyhood" that you can find on the sidebar.

this post is still one of my fave posts and probably one of the top experiences with mackenzie that still to this day grosses me out and makes me laugh (and crave cookies) all at the same time.

preschool paranoia

ahhhh, the preschool paranoia, a goodie. i suffered through this for a while and only recently can relax. we found and got into the preschool we wanted and let me tell you, it makes a world of a difference to feel comfortable in your decision for your child's education. we love our school and our teacher. next up - kindergarten.....i get the shakes just thinking about it.....

date night lowdown

the hubs and i are strong believers of the monthly (or whenever you can go regularly) date night. we try to go each month and we have a strict rule - no talking about kids. it keeps our dates fun and it keeps our relationship fresh and still filled with conversation that doesn't just consist of bills, kids, diapers and chores. not sure how we are going to do date nights with babe #2 coming soon, but we'll work it out :)

this post means a lot to me personally, it talks about some things that i deal with on a weekly basis and i still go back to refer to it when i'm having a low point or a rough day. if you have any comments or tips, please feel free to keep adding comments, i would love to hear from you :)

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i hope you have fun taking a look back at some of the things i have experienced this past year and share your thoughts and comments as well. what's that you say? is the party over? nope, not yet. next up in our celebration - some of our fave moves from "fit friday in the mommyhood". so stay tuned!!!