a small celebration - part two!

luvinthemommyhood is turning "1"!!!!!

it's our one year bday on the site here so we're having a wee bit of a celebration. click here to read some more about my thoughts on turning "1" and to see "part one" of our celebration.

i thought for part two we could reminisce on some of luvinthemommyhood's tutorials and other crafty goodies on the site. it's funny how they came about considering i didn't even know how to sew when i started this blog. i mostly had knitting projects on here. but low and behold, i got bit by the sewing bug and haven't stopped since. this was the shirt dress that started the ball rolling.

what i seriously never thought would happen was having my own tutorials. yep, that one was just weird and happened purely by accident. those are always life's best surprises though right? that's how the idea was born for the "newbie sewing series". i figured there must be a better way for tutorials to be explained so us newbie sewers could follow along with all you pros out there. no fancy terminology and ok, maybe a bit of my humor, along with a video for all you visual learners like me. so here's a look back out the "newbie sewing series".

make sure to add pics of your projects inspired by the tutes below to our flickr group! i love seeing all of your creations!

click here for the pdf download and video tutorial.

click here for the pdf download and video tutorial.

click here for pdf download and video tutorial.

along with the "newbie sewing series" i also started a 2nd tutorial series called "remake, repurpose, refashion". you've heard of the 3 Rs of environmentalism, reduce, reuse and recycle. well, luvinthemommyhood's bringing you the new 3 Rs: Remake, Repurpose, Refashion.
some crafts make use of craft supplies most households have lying around, but we present you with crafts that use things you have lying around but have not thought of for creating new items from. get raiding the donation pile before taking it to the thrift store (or even your husband's closet while he is at work - but don't tell him we put you up to it) and start showing your creativity!

click here for the pdf download

click here for the pdf download

and here's a look back at some of the projects i have been working on over the last year that aren't part of my tutorials but that were made using all the wonderful projects available out there in the blogoshpere! you can find a lot of these on the sidebar under the heading "map of the mommyhood". click on the links for either "makin'it in the mommyhood", "sewing in the mommyhood", or "knitting in the mommyhood" and a wealth of posts will pop up for you to puruse, but not all will be mine, so it does take some scrolling. this is one of the things that will be changed on the site revamp. to make it easier feel free to check out my personal flickr page. all the pics are there and most link up to the post they relate to. you can find me on flickr here.

well that's it for part two of our celebration....don't be sad though, the party isn't over yet....we've got more to come next week. so stay tuned for part three - some of our fave moments in the mommyhood!