what can put a smile on a very pregnant, tired, mom's face?

what can put a smile on a very pregnant, tired, braxton hick's suffering mom's face, a bounce in her heavy step and a little squeal of delight? 2 headbands from blue eyed freckle that's what! i know you guys have heard me mention my love for katie's lovely creations on here before, but i finally got my hands on some and couldn't resist showing off the goods :)

now i've bought my fair share of headbands and they sometimes fall apart or don't seem to be made with care but that's not the case with these little beauties. meticulously hand cute by katie, who by the way used to be a display artist with anthropologie (how cool would that job be?), they are more like little treasures than headbands. for the life of me, i cannot think where i am going to put these babies when they aren't on my head. they are too pretty to put away.

at this time in my life when feeling pretty just doesn't seem to be an option, katie's headbands helped ease that burden. i can tell you i was even bouncing around in my pj's with them on. this ex-hairdresser was one happy mama. mackenzie was so jealous we had to go pick her up a new headband today as well. next time, i'll make sure to get one of blue eyed freckle's for her as well.

you can get your hand's on a headband or aka preggo mama smile maker from blue eyed freckle via katie's etsy shop and read about her, drool over her sewing tutorials and her adorable little girl over on her blog of the same name as well.

thanks so much katie!!!! you made this preggo ladies day!

what put a smile on your face today? any fave headbands you recommend for those bad mommy hair days?

images via luvinthemommyhood