sweet pea giveaway winners, an anniversary & some more pee (the other kind)

what's with the whacked out post title? ohhhhh, lordy, you don't even wanna know, but i'm gonna tell you anyways......

first off it's my wedding anniversary today, insert applause j/k, and i get to spend the day sans hubby with 2 kids till about 10pm tonight. not his choice, he has school after work, but still no fun. so boo on school. on the other hand - i love you honey! thanks for being my best friend and the best hubby in the world! (sorry for the gooey romance) see you late tonight :)

secondly, i'm at a loss as to how to get pee out of ikea feather down filled sofa cushions. yes, i said pee. you ready for this story? my toddler is potty trained, but just not while sleeping. she's been having a weird sleep schedule at the moment and passed out for a nap (which she never has) on the couch yesterday and yep, you guessed it - peed! let's just say i freaked. how the heck do you get the pee out? i washed the slip covers but have no idea how to clean the actual cushion??? help?

i also had one peed covered toddler who now desperately needed a bath. so all 3 of us jumped in the tub and crossed our fingers that the hubs would get home soon to help us out because i seriously had no idea as to how i was going to get us all out of the tub safely and this was all happening just as i was getting geared up to watch the bachelorette! (yes, i watch and am addicted - so sue me..haha) now that's just not fair..i missed the first half hour and lots of chunks in between. i'll just say though - frank you are a dog! i can't believe i liked you. i did relieve a whole whack load of stress yelling at the tv waving the hose of my vacuum in the air and shouting at frank...and yes, jer, i know he can't hear me. husbands - geez!

Any space can be beautiful
.....except when covered in toddler pee!

worst part, besides the pee of course, was that i couldn't wash one of the cushions on the couch (don't worry, that one was pee free) as i needed somewhere to sit and breastfeed the baby. so i sat up last night for harper's feedings, precariously balanced on one cushion. now this isn't an easy feat ladies with my post baby butt, a giant booby pillow and me half asleep at 3:00 am? i think i slid off a couple times. thank god i had vacuumed the couch earlier or i would have had to stare at the remnants of god knows what all night as well - eek!

so what i'm asking all of you lovely folk is how do i get the pee out of the feather down filled sofa cushions? (the actual couch, not throw pillows) vinegar? soap/water? dry cleaner? help!!! i'm sure i can't be the only momma this has happened too........at least i hope i'm not.

now, moving on....here's the winners from the >sweet pea patterns giveaway:

NinaN said... 47
I have two not so little ones at home and one little one waiting to make his appearance! My faves are the Jack and Jill, the Kawaii Kimono and the seamless crib shoes. Well, there are others that are way cuter but we are expecting a boy this time and my girls' feet are way too big for those cute little shoes!

****if you are NinaN or know her, can you tell her to email me her email address to luvinthemommyhood@yahoo.ca**** (if i don't hear from you in a few days i will redraw another winner)

The Hicks Family said... 63
OMG!!! those shoes are so stinking cute! :) my favorite by far is the Bella Baby but the close second would be the kawaii pattern! :) So cute! :)

Lindsay said... 17
OH my gosh!!! I love love love the maryjanes! I have so many friends having their first babies and these make the BEST gifts!

congrats ladies!! happy sewing! cheri will be in touch with you :)

what's your worst pee story? c'mon now, don't be shy, cough it up. it will help all of us feel better about our little disaster stories. i know it always helps me to laugh about it and share so we can rejoice in each other's hilarious motherhood sufferings :)