moments in the mommyhood - colds, colds go away, come again another day

don't you just hate colds? the weather is gorgeous here, sunny & bright and our whole house is sick with colds. mack's had it for a while, then she gave it to the hubs, then to harper and now me. we are all a bunch of runny nosed, sore throat sickies. i was shocked that the pictures in this post turned out. it was chaos to get the few shots that are here.

i feel bad for the baby though, it always breaks my heart when little tiny ones get stuffy noses. every time i go to breastfeed her i just wish i could do more to help her with her breathing. luckily, she's on the mend and today was better than the last few. hopefully her and i will get a bit more sleep tonight. speaking of sleep, i'm going to go and try to do just that....zzzzzzzzzzzzz, sleep.

(harper's already trying to figure out the handmade goodies..does my heart proud.)

anyone else dealing with the dreaded cold? what are your best tips for dealing with it when the whole family has it? secret remedies for 4 1/2 month olds? or what about breastfeeding mommas? i hate that i cannot take cold medicine - bah! c'mon ladies, share your old wives tales, i could use them :)